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Salem Craft: Amy Bridges

From Scream Queen to Web Queen: My Haunted Journey

Salem Craft Founder Amy Bridges

Spooky Adventures from Scream Queen to Web Queen

Once upon a spooky time, when I was just 16, I tiptoed into the creepy world of haunted houses, drawn by the excitement of Halloween. My journey began at Creepers Haunted House in Marietta, GA, where I discovered my love for scaring people. Those early nights at Creepers shaped me into a budding Scream Queen.

As I grew in the haunted world, a surprising talent emerged – web design. At 16, I started my own haunted house web design company, creating eerie online experiences. Soon, I was designing websites for industry legends like Larry Kirchner and Jeff Londos, honing my skills and making spooky connections.

My fascination with Halloween extended to digital marketing, where I helped haunted attractions, destinations, ghost tour companies, and paranormal investigators promote their bone-chilling experiences. Life threw me a curveball, and I had to take a break, but the haunting world always lingered in my heart.

Now, I’m back in the haunt spotlight, fully dedicated to my craft. From scream queen to web queen, I’m excited to create immersive websites, offer top-notch digital marketing, and collaborate with haunt industry giants. My journey through the haunted house industry has been a chilling adventure, and I’m committed to keeping the spirit of Halloween alive online. So, when the moon rises and shadows dance, remember there’s a digital sorcerer ready to bring your haunt to life – me.

Why I Love Working with Spooky Stuff

In the obscure realms where shadows dance and tales of the unusual unfold, my journey begins—a journey fueled by an unwavering passion for the mysterious. From an early fascination with the unknown to a perpetual craving for the spirit of Halloween, my dedication to the odd and obscure is more than a professional choice; it’s a deeply ingrained part of who I am. The peculiar stories that send shivers down the spine and the enchantment of Halloween aren’t mere interests—they are the driving forces that guide my work in crafting digital experiences for haunted attractions, ghost tour companies, and paranormal investigators.

In the heart of the odd and obscure, I find a canvas to express my creativity and a stage to tell stories that linger in the minds of those who dare to explore the unconventional. This isn’t just about marketing; it’s about infusing every day with the magic of Halloween, creating memorable experiences that transcend the ordinary. Beyond the digital landscape, my mission extends to building a community of the curious—a space where appreciation for the eerie and the bizarre unites individuals who share a passion for the unexplored.

I do it because the odd and obscure beckon me to challenge norms, blend tradition with innovation, and pioneer new ways to celebrate the extraordinary. It’s a calling to embrace the peculiarities that make life interesting, weaving narratives that defy the mundane and inviting others to join me on a journey of discovery. In the odd and obscure, I discover not just a niche, but a profound connection to a realm where the extraordinary is celebrated, cherished, and brought to life through digital enchantment.

Fun Facts About Me

BeetleJuice, My All-Time Favorite Movie:  BeetleJuice is a beloved cinematic masterpiece known for its unique blend of genres, Tim Burton’s visionary direction, unforgettable characters, and Michael Keaton’s iconic performance as Betelgeuse. This darkly humorous film, with its timeless appeal and cult following, has captured my heart as my ultimate cinematic favorite.

Embracing My Inner Jason Vorhees, A Horror Fan’s Journey: Jason Voorhees is my favorite horror icon for his sheer terror-inducing presence and iconic status in the genre. His unrelenting pursuit of victims at Camp Crystal Lake, hidden behind the chilling hockey mask, has become a symbol of fear itself. The enduring appeal of the Friday the 13th franchise and the mystery surrounding Jason’s character make him an enduring and captivating figure in the world of horror.

Speed and Style, My 1984 Lincoln Mark VII: Join me on the fast track as I introduce you to my customized 1984 Lincoln Mark VII, boasting a powerful 302 V8 engine and a 5-speed manual T5 transmission, and discover the excitement of autocross racing.  My grandfather owned a Lincoln Mark V, which left an indelible mark on my memories. To not lose a connection with him led me to choose a Lincoln Mark VII for autocross racing. Through this vehicle, I not only follow in his footsteps but also cherish the enduring connection we had through our shared love for these classic cars.

Fashion Frenzy, My Passion for Style: encapsulates my love for fashion, particularly my affinity for goth attire. Fashion serves as an expressive canvas for me, allowing me to convey my unique personality and creativity to the world. My fondness for goth attire is rooted in its dark and elegant aesthetics, which resonate with my individuality and provide a powerful means of self-expression. In this journey, I explore how fashion empowers me to embrace my true self and make a striking statement through goth-inspired clothing.

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