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Welcome to Salem Craft! By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service. Please read these terms carefully before proceeding. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, we kindly ask that you refrain from using our services. 

Web Hosting Authorization: By engaging our web hosting services, you, the Client, grant us, the Web Hosting Provider, permission to access and manage your website’s hosting account. This authorization is essential to effectively host, maintain, and support your website, ensuring its optimal performance and security. Please note the following details regarding the Web Hosting Authorization:

  1. Website Access: You agree to provide us with the necessary login credentials and any other relevant access information to your web hosting account. These credentials will be used solely for the purpose of managing your website’s hosting services.
  2. Data Security: We understand the importance of data security and undertake to use your website’s access credentials responsibly. We will take all reasonable measures to protect your login information and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Web Maintenance Agreements: If you have entered into a separate web maintenance agreement with us, we will retain the necessary account logins for the duration of the agreement. For all other projects, once the hosting services are no longer required, we will securely delete the access credentials from our records.
  4. Project Completion: Upon successful completion of the hosting services, we shall inform you and confirm the termination of our access to your hosting account, except in cases where we have an ongoing web maintenance agreement.
  5. Third-Party Services: In some cases, we may utilize third-party hosting providers or platforms to facilitate our web hosting services. Rest assured that we will carefully select reputable and reliable providers that align with our commitment to quality and security.
  6. Data Backups: While we implement regular data backups for disaster recovery purposes, it is essential for you to maintain your website’s own backups as an additional precaution.
  7. Changes to Hosting: If any changes to your hosting environment are required during the project, we will communicate with you beforehand and seek your approval before implementing any modifications.

By proceeding with our services, you acknowledge and consent to this Web Hosting Authorization. We assure you that our hosting services are provided with the utmost professionalism, security, and diligence. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this authorization or any aspect of our hosting services, please feel free to discuss them with us. We are dedicated to providing you with a seamless and reliable hosting experience for your website’s success. 

Copyright & Ownership Rights: This Copyright & Ownership Rights clause establishes the terms regarding the ownership and usage of intellectual property created during the course of the project between the parties involved:

  1. Ownership Transfer: Upon the Client’s full and timely payment for the services rendered, all copyrights and ownership rights to the deliverables created under this agreement shall be transferred from the Service Provider (“Provider”) to the Client (“Client”).
  2. Work-in-Progress Materials: Any drafts, concepts, or preliminary materials shared by the Provider during the project remain the property of the Provider and may not be used or reproduced without explicit permission.
  3. Client’s Content: The Client represents and warrants that they own all necessary rights, licenses, or permissions to provide any materials, content, or data (“Client’s Content”) necessary for the project. The Client retains ownership of their Content.
  4. License to Provider: By providing their Content, the Client grants the Provider a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, modify, display, and reproduce the Client’s Content solely for the purpose of providing the services under this agreement.
  5. Provider’s Portfolio: The Provider reserves the right to showcase and include the completed project, or portions thereof, in their portfolio, website, marketing materials, and social media for promotional purposes, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  6. Third-Party Materials: In the event that the Provider uses third-party materials (e.g., stock images, fonts, plugins) in the project, the terms of use and ownership of such materials remain with their respective owners, and the Provider will secure the necessary licenses or permissions for their use.
  7. Unauthorized Use: The Client agrees not to use any of the Provider’s work in ways that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the Provider or any third party.
  8. Derivative Works: The Client shall not create derivative works based on the Provider’s copyrighted materials without prior written consent.
  9. Confidentiality: Both parties shall maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information disclosed during the project.
  10. Indemnification: The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless the Provider from any claims or legal actions arising out of the Client’s use of the project deliverables.
  11. Transfer of Rights: In the event of the Client’s breach of this agreement, the Provider reserves the right to terminate the license granted to the Client and reclaim ownership and copyright to any unauthorized use.

This Copyright & Ownership Rights clause ensures clarity and protection for both parties involved in the project. By agreeing to these terms, the Client and Provider can proceed with confidence, knowing their respective rights and responsibilities have been established. 

Requests For Assets: As we work diligently to bring your project to fruition, we may require specific assets and information from you to ensure its successful completion. To facilitate a smooth and efficient process, we kindly request your cooperation in providing the following assets when requested:

  1. Text Content: Please provide all written content, including website copy, product descriptions, service details, and any other relevant textual information. Ensuring that the content is complete, accurate, and well-structured will greatly contribute to the project’s progress.
  2. Graphics and Images: If your project involves visuals such as images, logos, illustrations, or photographs, kindly share them with us in high-resolution formats. These assets play a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and user experience.
  3. Branding Guidelines: If applicable, please provide any branding guidelines, style guides, or specifications to ensure consistency with your brand identity throughout the project.
  4. Product Information: For e-commerce or product-related projects, we will need comprehensive details about each product, including product names, SKUs, pricing, and any relevant attributes.
  5. Technical Information: In cases where technical specifications are necessary, please provide detailed technical information or any relevant documentation.
  6. Social Media Accounts and Links: If your project involves social media integration or promotion, please share the necessary account details and relevant links.
  7. Login Credentials: If applicable, provide login credentials for any existing platforms or services that will be integrated into the project.

To ensure a seamless workflow and timely project delivery, we kindly ask that you provide the requested assets within the designated timeframe mentioned in our communication. Delays in asset submission may impact the project schedule. If you have any questions or require assistance in gathering and providing the requested assets, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your collaboration in supplying these assets is greatly appreciated, and it will contribute to the success of your project. Thank you for entrusting us with your project, and we look forward to creating something exceptional together. 

Web Maintenance: At “Salem Craft,” we are committed to providing support and service for any issues within the agreed scope of work for up to 15 days after the project’s completion. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with our services during this period. Please note that any change requests falling outside the initially agreed scope of work will be subject to a reasonable fee of $100 per hour. This helps us ensure a fair compensation for additional efforts required. To initiate the Web Maintenance service, we kindly request that all payments be made in full before we commence any work. Your prompt payment allows us to efficiently address your maintenance needs. For any Web Maintenance requests, we value your input and require your approval before we proceed with any changes. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we aim to deliver the best possible service for your website’s continued success. 

Deposit Payment: To initiate the commencement of web service work, a deposit payment is required. The deposit amount will be agreed upon and specified in the project proposal or contract. This deposit serves as a commitment to secure our services and reserve the necessary resources for your project. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will begin the necessary preparations and allocate the required team members to ensure a smooth and timely execution of your project. The deposit amount will be deducted from the total project cost. Please note that the deposit payment is non-refundable, as it covers the initial planning, resource allocation, and preparation stages of the project. It is crucial to maintain the seriousness and dedication to the project’s success from both parties involved. The remaining balance for the web service work will be due upon project completion, before the final deliverables are handed over to you or your organization. We understand the importance of transparency in our business transactions, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results that meet or exceed your expectations. Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding the deposit payment or any other aspect of the project, please feel free to discuss it with us. By proceeding with the deposit payment, you acknowledge your acceptance and agreement to the terms outlined in this clause. We look forward to collaborating with you on your web service project and bringing your vision to life. 

Payment Terms, Cancellations, and Refunds:

  1. Payment Terms: You agree to make full payment by the due date specified on your invoice. We offer multiple convenient payment methods, including Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, Venmo, Cash App, and ACH. If you choose to pay by check, please be aware that work will commence only after the check has successfully cleared our bank. This process may take up to 5-6 days.
  2. Refund Policy: Due to the nature of our work and the commitment of resources involved, we do not offer refunds once the project has commenced. We encourage open communication throughout the project to ensure your satisfaction with our services.
  3. Cancellations: Both you and “Salem Craft” reserve the right to cancel the project at any stage. In the event of project cancellation, we will make every reasonable effort to address any concerns and find an amicable resolution. However, any work already commissioned must be compensated for, based on the progress made up to that point.

We understand the importance of maintaining clear and fair terms in our business transactions. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding payments, cancellations, or refunds, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us. Our priority is to provide you with exceptional service and deliver a successful outcome for your project. 

Credit Card Processing: For payment processing, we use Stripe, a secure and reputable third-party payment gateway. By providing your credit card information, you authorize us to charge the agreed-upon amount for the services rendered. Your credit card details are securely encrypted and transmitted directly to Stripe, and we do not store any credit card information on our servers. Stripe employs industry-leading security measures to protect your financial data, ensuring a safe and seamless transaction process. Please note that by using Stripe, you are subject to their terms of service and privacy policy. In the event of any payment issues or discrepancies, we will make every effort to resolve them promptly. If you have any concerns or encounter any problems related to payment processing, please contact us immediately, and we will assist you in resolving the matter with Stripe. By proceeding with the payment, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to this Credit Card Processing Clause and are aware of the use of Stripe as our payment gateway. We value your trust in our services and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and professionalism in handling your financial transactions. 

Invoice Late Fees: To ensure timely and efficient payment processing, we kindly request that all invoices be settled by the due date specified on each invoice. Late payments can disrupt project timelines and cause unnecessary delays. As such, the following Invoice Late Fee policy shall apply:

  1. Late Fee Amount: In the event of a late payment, a late fee of 1.5% shall be applied to the outstanding balance. The late fee will be calculated based on the number of days the payment is overdue.
  2. Late Fee Calculation: The late fee will be calculated as follows: (1.5%) every (30) days.
  3. Grace Period: A 3 business day grace period will be provided from the invoice due date, during which the late fee will not be applicable. After the grace period has elapsed, the late fee will be incurred for each day the payment remains outstanding.
  4. Notification: In the event of a late payment, we will send a reminder notice to the Client notifying them of the overdue payment and the late fee that will be applied if the payment is not settled promptly.
  5. Accrued Late Fees: If the Client has multiple late payments, late fees will accrue separately for each late invoice until the outstanding balance, including all late fees, is fully paid.
  6. Dispute Resolution: If there is a dispute or discrepancy regarding the invoice, the Client is requested to contact us within the grace period to address the matter and resolve any issues.
  7. Waiver of Late Fee: In exceptional circumstances, we may, at our discretion, choose to waive the late fee as a one-time exception. However, this does not waive the requirement for timely payment of future invoices.
  8. Applicability: This Invoice Late Fee clause is applicable to all projects and services provided by Salem Craft. By continuing to use our services, the Client agrees to abide by this policy.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, causing delays in payment. As such, we encourage open communication and request that the Client inform us as soon as possible if there are any concerns or challenges with meeting the payment deadline. By accepting our services and acknowledging this Invoice Late Fee Clause, the Client agrees to comply with the stated payment terms and understands the implications of late payments as described herein. We value our working relationship and look forward to continuing our collaboration on mutually beneficial terms. 

Revisions Policy: To ensure a streamlined design process and timely project completion, we offer up to three revisions for your designs. We encourage you to provide clear and comprehensive feedback during these rounds to achieve the desired results efficiently. If, for any reason, you require additional revisions beyond the initial three, please be aware that they will be billed at a rate of $100 per hour. Our team is committed to accommodating your requests, and we aim to make every revision count. Our goal is to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations, and we appreciate your collaboration in achieving the best possible outcome for your project. 

Web Hosting & Domain Name: As part of our services, we offer hosting solutions using Platform.SH for WordPress websites. With our hosting on Platform.SH, you can benefit from a reliable and scalable platform that ensures optimal performance for your website. For domain names, we recommend using Namecheap, a trusted domain registrar. Namecheap provides a user-friendly interface and competitive pricing, making it easy for you to secure the perfect domain name for your online presence. By choosing our hosting on Platform.SH and acquiring your domain through Namecheap, you can rest assured that your website will be in capable hands, and you’ll have the tools you need for a successful online presence. Should you have any questions or need assistance with setting up your hosting or domain, our team is always here to support you throughout the process.

  • Shopify is a SaaS platform and hosting is provided by them within your package you have chosen with them.
  • We are not affiliated with Namecheap or Shopify and not are responsible if/any downtime, damages, loss of revenue occur when/while using their services.

Project Communication: To facilitate effective communication throughout the project, we will utilize Google Groups as our primary communication platform. Google Groups offers a centralized and organized way to exchange information, collaborate, and keep all project stakeholders informed. By participating in the Google Group, you agree to the following terms and guidelines:

  1. Membership: All project stakeholders, including team members, clients, and any relevant third parties, will be invited to join the designated Google Group. It is essential to actively participate and engage in discussions to ensure a smooth flow of communication.
  2. Privacy and Confidentiality: We expect all members of the Google Group to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information shared within the group. Please refrain from sharing sensitive project details or any confidential information outside the scope of the project.
  3. Professional Conduct: Maintain a professional tone and attitude in all communications. Be respectful of diverse opinions and perspectives, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes open dialogue and constructive feedback.
  4. Subject Relevance: Keep communications relevant to the project. Avoid discussions unrelated to the project’s objectives, as this could hinder productivity and create unnecessary distractions.
  5. Timely Responses: Strive to respond to messages and inquiries in a timely manner. Prompt communication is vital to keep the project on track and address any issues promptly.
  6. File Sharing: Utilize Google Groups for sharing project-related files, documents, and updates. Ensure that all files are appropriately organized and named for easy reference.
  7. Notification Settings: Set your notification preferences to receive important updates and messages promptly. Staying informed is crucial to effective collaboration.
  8. Conflict Resolution: In the event of any conflicts or disagreements, communicate respectfully and openly to find constructive resolutions. If necessary, involve project management to mediate and find an amicable solution.
  9. Leaving the Group: If you no longer need to be involved in the project or are transitioning out, please notify the project management before leaving the Google Group.

By participating in the Google Group, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with this Project Communication using Google Groups Clause. Effective communication is vital to project success, and we appreciate your commitment to maintaining a collaborative and productive atmosphere throughout the project. 

Health-Related Exemption: In the event that either party (hereinafter referred to as “Party” or “Parties”) experiences sickness, injury, or any health-related condition that hinders their ability to fulfill their obligations under this agreement, they shall not be held responsible for any missed deadlines or delays resulting from such circumstances. The Party affected by health-related issues shall promptly notify the other Party of their condition and provide appropriate documentation, such as a medical certificate or professional advice, if applicable. Upon receiving notice of the health-related condition, the Parties agree to engage in good faith discussions to assess the situation’s impact on the project timeline and determine a suitable course of action to accommodate the affected Party’s circumstances. Both Parties shall exercise reasonable efforts to find alternatives, adjust timelines, or reassign tasks to mitigate the impact of the health-related issues on the project’s progress. It is mutually agreed that any delays caused by health-related circumstances beyond the control of the affected Party shall not constitute a breach of this agreement, nor shall it result in any penalties or liabilities against the said Party. This clause serves as an acknowledgment of the importance of health and well-being and recognizes the need for flexibility and understanding in situations where unforeseen health-related challenges arise. By incorporating this clause, the Parties aim to promote a supportive and compassionate working relationship while preserving the integrity of the overall project. 

Contract Termination: Salem Craft and/or You have the right to terminate the contract with us at any time, for any reason, without any legal or financial repercussions. If you decide to end the contract, simply notify us in writing, and we will promptly discontinue our services. 

Indemnification: You are solely responsible for complying with such laws, taxes, and tariffs, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend “Salem Craft” from any claim, lawsuit, penalty, tax, or tariff arising from the “Client” exercise of Internet electronic commerce. 

By availing of our services, you automatically agree to abide by these Terms of Service. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

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